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The most unique range of health information and products

Welcome to a comprehensive range of advice on health matters and powerful natural health products, which can help you, deal with and prevent most health problems. Click here to shop
The unique range of health products has been field tested on humans for over 10 years and shown to have no side effects. All are ideal for women's health, men's health and general personal health and available from our health site.

The first thing you must take into account is Geopathic stress discovered over 80 years ago and which millions of people world-wide, including thousands of doctors, now recognize is the only common factor in most cases of serious and long-term illness both physically and mentally.

Click Here! for The BIG FOUR. These are the health problems Rolf Gordon has discovered over the last 25  years after helping thousands of seriously ill people with Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease etc. which very few doctors investigate. They can easily, all four, be put right with very good results. This is common sense not alternative medicine. Click Here! for a FREE PDF copy or by contacting us for a FREE printed copy.
Click here here for my personal site on geopathic stress

All the products work equally well on animals where appropriate. (All were tesed on humans first!)

Over the past 25 years our products have been exported to more than 45 countries worldwide. We endeavour to dispatch 95% of all your orders within 24 hours for next day delivery (UK), Europe 2-3 days, USA & Canada: 3-4 days


Reluctantly as postage charges continuouslly increase, we now charge £3 per order for most items. The postage charges for RadiTech, MagneTech, rebounders & support bars are clearly shown and added to your order. ALL books are sent post free.

Our credit card payments, use Sage Pay which is simple, fast and very secure.

You can now pay by the credit cards you see to the right.
If you wish to purchase over the phone then please feel free to call one of our friendly operators on 0208 670 5883

You can also buy our products through your health practitioner/therapist or direct from us by post/telephone or fax.

Keep healthy and fit by staying free of Geopathic stress, always have a MagneTech at hand for injuries, pain and most illnesses. Prevent dangerous microbs, take the extra minerals and vitamins modern food no longer provides, have a Personal Harmoniser on you to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation (especially on mobile phones) and exercise each day on a Rebounder.
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All the best
Rolf Gordon
P.S. We always encourage anybody feeling ill to contact their doctor first.

For a PDF of our latest Newsletter 10 - 'Why'. Click here

Dulwich Health Ltd. is social enterprise operated for over 20 years and which exists to help people, rather than to maximise profits.

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