The very powerful magnetic healer

High speed rotating powerful permanent magnets increase magnetic power by 20 times for quick release of pain, toxins and muscle stress.

The MagneTech has been successful in treating bones (heals 40% faster) leg ulcers, wounds, burns, PMT, infertility, ear and eye problems, frozen shoulder and whiplash, sport injuries, sinuses, dental problems, lung congestion, RSI and to revitalise organs and immune system.

Only therapeutic apparatus, which can be used anywhere on the body for any problem, as the magnetic poles change more than 260 times a second.

After 16 years, the MagneTech is still the most powerful magnetic therapy apparatus on the market, with no side-effects reported after tens of thousands have been used by health practitioners and individuals all over the world.

The MagneTech is compact, lightweight and easy to use by anybody.

The Magnetech is the only magnetic therapy apparatus that has passed a certificate for use in Hospitals and Medical Centres; BS EN 6061-1:2006 Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1 General requirements for electrical safety.
EN606601-1-2:2007 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and testing for elrctromagnetic compatibility.

The MagneTech can be used on a daily bases to revitalise your thyroid, thymus, kidneys, liver, pancreas and immune system.

The MagneTech is manufactured in England by Dulwich Health Ltd.


Operates both on mains electricity and battery. Transformer battery and padded carrier cases included (non chargeable battery PP9 lasts approx. 60 hours).

MagneTech 295 x 30 mm.
Padded carrier case 130 x 310 x65 mm
Weight: MagneTech only 300g Total weight of unit 1.5kg.

Consumption 1.5 watts

220 - 240v or 110v to 9v or PP9 (9v)

Insurance and Carriage £12 - UK


Price: 297.00